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Trip to Ban Phe Fishing Village in Thailand

The Ban Phe fishing village is a small community south of Bangkok where ferries to Ko Samet and other islands leave. The trip from Bangkok to Ban Phe takes two or three hours and from Ko Samet about an hour. 

We spent an afternoon in the Ban Phe and walked around in the old fishing village, parts of which are built on poles standing in the water. 

Street view of Ban Phe Fishing Village


The old Ban Phe fishing village is just a short walking distance from Ban Phe ferry piers. This is what the fishing village main street looks like.

It was a very hot day but we found many people working and living their daily life outdoors in the narrow lanes. The main street was the busiest place and street vendors were in their stalls waiting for customers.

Many of the houses were built on poles and fish was being dried in the backyards.

Ban Phe Fishing Village on the Map


Ban Phe fishing village also has a big street market where all possible kinds of local products are sold. We bought a bunch of tasty small bananas from this lady.

Street market at Ban Phe


People in Ban Phe fishing village were using every possible means of transportation and most trucks were painted in bright colors.

Traffic at Ban Phe

Whole families were riding the same bike, and there was a lot of traffic to and from the market.


Getting to the Ban Phe Fishing Village

Ko Samet to Ban Phe

There are regular ferries between Ko Samet and Ban Phe every hour that bring you to different piers in Ban Phe. So to get to Ban Phe from Ko Samet we took a regular ferry from the main pier of Ko Samet.


Ferry to Ko Samet


The boat trip Ban Phe to Ko Samet is not that easy. We simply took the first ferry we saw without checking which side of the island of Ko Samet our ferry was going to. We should have done that since the ferry turned out to be booked by a Japanese group and of course brought us to their hotel  that was a long way to walk from ours.

But since we were wearing our good walking-shoes on our day trip to Ban Phe fishing village it was easy to follow the rainforest path that connects Ko Samet beaches. It was getting dark in the rainforest but we ended in the right place just before it would have been too dark to walk in the jungle.


On some Ko Samet hotel beaches the big ferries don’t get ashore. There is a separate boat getting the passengers closer to the beach and you walk the rest five or ten meters in the water.

Ferry Timetables Ban Phe to Ko Samet

You can check Ko Samet ferry routes and ferry timetables between Ban Phe and Ko Samet on the Samet Travel website.

Bangkok to Ban Phe

A taxi door in Thailand


To get to Ban Phe from Bangkok Airport we took a taxi but there are other ways to travel too. Read in my other blog post how to get from Bangkok to Ban Phe:

Bangkok to Ko Samet Island, Bangkok Stopover Trip


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  1. Interesting article, with my wife we are going to go to ko samet in 2 months, to the hotel Sai Kaew Beach, and having information on other possibilities nearby is very useful. Greetings from Spain. Juan

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