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Bangkok to Ko Samet Island, Bangkok Stopover Trip

Traveling from Europe to Australia we made a stopover in Bangkok. We wanted some beach life between flights and took a taxi from Bangkok to Ko Samet Island, directly from the airport.

And we spent some great days on the white sandy beaches of Ko Samet. With this post I wanted to show you how we did it and what the island of Ko Samet is like.  

Bangkok to Ko Samet Island, Ko Samet ferries


To make the stopover trip easier we left all our overseas luggage at Bangkok airport for a few days.

At Bangkok airport the left luggage counter was not easy to find, but we did it! The left luggage storage is behind the escalator at the arrivals level, near entrance number 4.


Bangkok to Ko Samet Island Route Map


Ko Samet is some 200 km south of Bangkok so it’s not a long way to travel. First you travel by car and then take a ferry to the island.

How to Get from Bangkok to Ko Samet

Public Transport

For public transport from the Suvarnabhumi Airport of Bangkok to Ko Samet Island we were advised to take the Intercity bus to Rayong from the Bangkok airport Public Transport Center and in Rayong take a taxi or another bus to the coastal village Ban Phe where the ferries to Ko Samet island leave. There was  a free shuttle bus from the airport terminal to the Public Transport Center.


However on the day we traveled all buses to Rayong happened to be canceled. At the counter they sold us bus tickets to Pattaya, where we would have to catch another bus.

Taxi Bangkok Airport to Ban Phe

So it got complicated and we changed our mind and took a taxi. The taxi brought us in two hours to Ban Phe. We had a good taxi driver and we felt safe in the car. The taxi cost Bangkok Airport to Ban Phe was about 2500 baht.

As we arrived at Ban Phe there was a ferry leaving for Ko Samet in a minute so we took it. In half an hour we were on Ko Samet island!

Ko Samet Island

Our Ko Samet hotel was less than 2 km from the pier so it made a perfect walk after traveling both night and day. The hotel we stayed at had modern rooms in a tropical garden,  a private beach and a cozy restaurant area by the sea with tables directly on the beach.

So the hotel was good. But the main reason to choose the Silver Sand Resort was its perfect location to the walking-paths to all  great Ko Samet beaches.

Beach of Hotel Silver Sand, Ko Samet

We enjoyed our hotel beach and the warm sea waters  – and the hotel gardens were not bad either.



Pictures of the Ko Samet Village

Ko Samet house

We walked a lot around the village and enjoyed the local street life.

Ko Samet Evenings

Ko Samet beach after sunset

Evenings on the island were warm and just beautiful and people were spending their evenings in restaurants along the beach.


We spent our days exploring Ko Same beaches that ar so great that I made a separate post on it: Best Ko Samet Beaches Photo Tour

Ko Samet to Bangkok Airport

Bangkok to Ko Samet Island, back from Ko Samet

After a few days it was time to get back to the airport and on to Australia.

We had been warned about dangerous minibus transfers. However the Koh Samet Tourist Office offered us airport transfers by a speed boat to Ban Phe directly from the hotel beach and a local minibus from Ban Phe to Bangkok airport. We decided to take this connection.

The speed boat was good and fast, but next time I would think twice before choosing a minibus. We didn’t feel comfortable at all in the minibus. The bus was very old and the driver kept exceeding all speed limits and he also kept passing slower traffic on the wrong side.

So I would definitely recommend a taxi from Ban Phe and not a minibus.

Bangkok to Ko Samet Island, Ferries at Ban Phe


In all, we had a lovely stopover trip from Bangkok to Ko Samet Island and we enjoyed the stopover and what we saw, like these colouful old ferries at Ban Phe pier.


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