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Ostrobothnia road trip, Kauhajoki

Ostrobothnia Road Trip in a Motorhome

For us, like for many others, this year was a year of domestic travel. We have been using our motorhome for short trips, spring, summer and autumn. One of the highlights was the Ostrobothnia road trip we took in early summer. The main reason was ...

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To travel is to live

2020: The Year of Motorhome Travel!

In 2020 it changed. No city breaks in Europe, no meetings on distant continents. Domestic travel is what matters, and staying safe. That’s where the idea of motorhome travel suddenly came up. One morning we woke up with the idea. This summer we will buy ...

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Italy by train and car: driving in Tuscany

Time to Start Dreaming about Travel?

Dreaming about travel? These months nobody has even thought about travel, but one day we will be free again to explore places, close and far. A time will come when you will spread out your wings and fly away like a bird, to discover your ...

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A Taghazout back street

Taghazout, a Blue Village in Morocco

Morocco is best known for its pink and honey Sahara shades, but the North African country also has its blue side. In some regions the tradition is to paint houses blue, and the Atlantic coast that has blue fishing villages. One of them is Taghazout ...

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Alfama Igreja da Graca

Great Cities to Visit More than Once

Thinking about your next travels? You like exploring the world and have already been to places, seen the magic world. Why not think about revisiting a city you’ve been to? Many cities offer so much that you can’t see it all on one trip. So ...

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