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Thailand: Best Ko Samet Beaches Photo Tour

This post is a Ko Samet Beaches photo tour. Ko Samet island, Thailand three hours south of Bangkok is famous for its great beaches which I will show you.

Which of the many Ko Samet beaches is the best? You can explore them just walking to the beaches and see which one you prefer. For Ko Samet is a small island and walking-distances to beaches are short. 

One of the best Ko Samet beaches


The beach in the main village where most Ko Samet hotels are located is often crowded, especially during weekends. The Thais occupy Ko Samet hotels and resorts during weekends but on weekdays there are less crowds.

Why not go and explore the island and find the best Ko Samet beach? It might be a difficult task since all beaches on this pretty island are beautiful in their own way.

Map of Great Ko Samet Beaches


Here you can see a map where I marked what I think are the best Ko Samet beaches. They are south of the main beach Hat Sai Kaew. For some reason Google puts Hat Sai Kaew in the middle or the island which is not the right place. The beach of Hat Sai Kaew is on the shore.

How to Get to Ko Samet Beaches

A seaside walking-path connects all these great beaches and there is also a bumpy inland road that leads to most of them.

You can explore all these beaches on foot in one day but it’s a pretty long walk. If you want to do that I would recommend you take a taxi or public transport (these green cars) to the southernmost beach and then start walking back along the beaches.

Public transport on Ko Samet

Alternatively you can explore Ko Samet beaches on a motor-bike – if you don’t mind driving on narrow bumpy roads.

Ko Samet on a motor-bike

Or maybe you want to take it easy and go to different beaches on different days. My Ko Samet Beaches photo tour shows what the beaches look like.

My photo tour includes most Ko Samet beaches but not all. There are a couple of more beaches in the north and in the west.


Ko Samet Beaches Photo Tour

The best Ko Samet beaches are here in an order from south to north and the first beach in the south is Ao Wai.

Ao Wai Beach, Ko Samet

Ao Wai beach, Ko Samet beaches photo tour


Ao Lung Dam Beach

Ao Lung Dam beach, Ko Samet beaches photo tour


Ao Wong Duean Beach

The beach of Ao Wong Duean, Ko Samet beaches photo tour



 Ao Nuan Beach

Ao Nuan beach, Ko Samet beaches photo tour



 Ao Phai Beach

Ao Phai beach, Ko Samet beaches photo tour



Hat Sai Kaeo, Ko Samet Village Beach

Hat Sai Kaeo beach, Ko Samet beaches photo tour



So, I hope watching my Ko Samet beaches photo tour helped you find your own dream beach on this beautiful island. These were my dream beaches – which beach do you think is the best?

If you want to read more about Ko Samet I also have another Ko Samet post: Bangkok to Ko Samet Island, Bangkok Stopover Trip.

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