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Las Palmas Old Town Walk: Vegueta and Triana

Once in Las Palmas, take a short bus or taxi ride from the tourist area and you will enter a different world: the Las Palmas Old Town Vegueta.

Quiet cobbled streets, old stone quarters and coloured old homes clinging to the hillside give the oldest part of Las Palmas its special flavour.

This post will help you discover this exceptional area, a hidden gem in the Gran Canarian tourist city.

A house in Vegueta, the Old Town of Las Palmas

Street view of Vegueta, Las Palmas

Vegueta, the old town of Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

I will show you where to walk in the old areas of Las Palmas, called Triana and Vegueta, starting from the central square Parque de San Telmo.

Parque de San Telmo is where taxis and buses from central Las Palmas arrive.

Las Palmas Old Town on the Map


Map of the old town of Las Palmas and a walking itinerary to see it

The map shows the old town of Las Palmas (Triana and Vegueta) and a walking itinerary through it.

Next to the old town are the densely built Las Palmas Hills, a residential area you might also want to see.

Zoom out the map to see the location of the old town compared to the Las Palmas tourist zone.

On the Hills of Las Palmas

Houses on the hillside in Las Palmas old town

Stairs in Las Palmas old town

On the Las Palmas hills

Parts of the old town cling to the hills west of the central quarters Triana and Vegueta.

Climb up the stairs and explore this exceptional community where only local Canarians live. Or just look at the hills and wonder what life on the slopes might be like.

If you prefer taking a bus up the hills, the buses leave from Parque San Telmo. Take the bus up and walk back down the stairs.

The densely packed Las Palmas old town

The densely packed hillside of the Old Town of Las Palmas

Then about the lower city, Vegueta and Triana:

Local life in Vegueta and Triana

Vegueta, Las Palmas

Vegueta, Las Palmas 

As you will soon notice, the old town of Las Palmas is much less touristic than the new parts of the city. Hardly any tourists exist in the old town, only local families gather with all their friends in outdoor cafes. Here they are watching a football game.

Spend some time with the nice Las Palmas locals and taste some tapas and wine. That’s what they are doing right now. As the best tapas time in Spain is late afternoon and early evening.


Vegueta, Las Palmas in photos

Then there is the busy shopping street Calle Mayor de Triana. Calle Mayor de Triana starts in Parque de San Telmo and goes straight though the old town.

We stepped into some shops and instantly made good bargains. Recommend!

Street view of Vegueta, Las Palmas

Wandering Las Palmas streets and squares: the Old Town

Narrow Streets and Small Squares

A plaza in Vegueta, Las Palmas

A Vegueta plaza and walkers in the old town of Las Palmas 

As you wander the winding alleys you will come to the Museo Canario that tells about the history of the Canary Islands.

Another museum worth a visit is the museum Casa Colón. That’s the exact place where the great explorer Christopher Columbus stayed in 1492, planning his upcoming trip to discover the New World.


Walking in the Old Town of Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

More sights to see: go and see the tiny San Telmo Chapel (see the photo above) and the huge Catedral de Santa Ana (below).

Cathedral of Santa Ana

The Cathedral of Santa Ana, Las Palmas

Cathedral of Santa Ana, Las Palmas

This is La Catedral de Santa Ana in evening light, seen from the pretty palm-fringed square in front. Can you believe, it took as many as 400 years to build this church! Take a lift to the top of Santa Ana’s south tower and you will get a panorama of the whole historic old town from a birds-eye perspective.

As you have now seen the top sights of the oldest part of Las Palmas, what about some more Spanish tapas? You will get that at any Vegueta bar.

How to get to Las Palmas Old Town

Parque San Telmo, Las Palmas

Parque San Telmo in the oldes part of Las Palmas

This oldest part of Las Palmas is 6 km south of the city center. To get to there, take a bus from Parque de Santa Catalina in central Las Palmas to the square of Parque de San Telmo located in Triana.

It’s good to know that Las Palmas buses are called guagua. You will find Las Palmas guagua route maps and timetables behind these links (in Spanish):

A Las Palmas bus trip costs something like EUR 2 one way, and the taxi fare may be round EUR 10.

Hope you enjoyed walking Las Palmas with us. This walk was an easy half day trip from the tourist areas, or from the harbor of Las Palmas, if you are on a cruise.

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  1. Good Day,
    We will be arriving by cruise ship on 29/2/2016 at 09:00, leaving again at 18:00. we are interested in your walking tour, but how do we get from the cruise terminal to your meeting point in town
    Thank you

    • Hi Nadeen, thanks for your question. I guess your cruise goes to the terminal near Parque de Santa Catalina. I recommend you take a taxi, the distance is a few kilometres. There are also frequent buses from the bus stop or the underground bus station in Santa Catalina to Parque to San Telmo but you save your time by taking a taxi and you can do it straight from the terminal. Taxis in Las Palmas are cheap.

      Hope you enjoy your cruise and your day in Las Palmas! Liisa

  2. Las Palmas Top 10 Attractions

    While paying a visit in Las Palmas there are quite a few places of interest that you should be aware of to possibly plan into your trip. The popular Spain vicinity of Spain has sights and sounds you may know and others which aren’t that familiar to non local locals of Las Palmas we have collected a list of 10 to help you:

    1. Playa de Las Canteras
    2. Vegueta
    3. Jardin Canario
    4. Caldera de Bandama
    5. Casa de Colon
    6. Calle Triana
    7. Parque de Santa Catalina
    8. Catedral de Santa Ana
    9. Doramas Park
    10. Playa del Confital

    This collection are just to get you going if you have taken a quality guide book you with discover these more and if you have long enough in Las Palmas. You will discover other enjoyable locations and attractions about the Las Palmas area of Spain.

  3. I love this old district in Las Palmas. It is like travelling back in time when you step on the cobblestones. This post is fun. Thanks.

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