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Antalya to Kemer on a Sea Bus

Instead of using a bus you can make a day trip from Antalya to Kemer on a sea bus. There is a direct sea bus connection twice a day and the journey takes an hour.

We took the morning ferry from Antalya to Kemer, a beach destination 30 km away on the coast. Kemer has a good choice of beach hotels.

We tried an all-inclusive hotel (for the first time ever!) and enjoyed the full-board and the Kemer beach life. And we also made a trip to Phaselis ruins close to Kemer.


Sea Bus Antalya to Kemer

Sea bus Antalya to Kemer

The sea bus leaves from Antalya Harbor that is right in Antalya Old Town Kaleici. Coming down the stairs from Kaleici you will find the white sea bus boats on the right hand side.

The ticket office staff didn’t speak any English at all so we wrote the needed numbers on a peace of paper and made a successful booking for the morning ferry leaving the next day. They also gave us a leaflet, the one below.

An Antalya to Kemer sea bus trip is not expensive as you might think and the price was around Eur 4 per person.

Kemer Turkey on the Map

Holiday Destination Kemer

Antalya to Kemer, walking in Kemer

Kemer is a tourist area and we didn’t see any traditional old town there. The whole beach area is for tourists, hotels follow each other and every hotel has its own private beach with sun chairs. You can follow the beach along a paved walking-path that runs between the hotels and the sea.


In April it was not crowded at all but I can guess will be that during the summer season. Kemer is a party destination in the summer with lots of young people visiting, but in April there were mainly families and middle-aged and older couples and it was not a party time at all.

The weather was perfect, round 25 Celsius, but the sea water is cold in the spring, it was below 20. Refreshing!

View of Kemer

As we had all inclusive, we didn’t have any reason to stop at all the nice cafes and restaurants and nor were other people sitting there. That was a new situation as we got everything we needed in the hotel area. So we decided we will try to do it that way.


Yoruk Park

 Antalya to Kemer, Yoruk Park,

So I could tell about the sights in Kemer. Yoruk Park, a folkloric nomad park, is located just behind the Marina of Kemer. Yoruks were a nomadic tribe that spent the summer months in the nearby mountains and came down to this place in Kemer every winter.


There are still Yoruks living in the area but they no longer live a nomad life. In Yoruk Park you can see how they used to live and there also is a restaurant where you can try traditional Yoruk meals.


Kemer Beach seen from Yoruk Park

This picture shows Kemer public beach that is hidden behind Youruk Park. Kemer has two great beaches, the pebbly hotel beach and this sandy one.

Shopping in Kemer

Antalya to Kemer, shopping street

This is the main shopping street. It’s a pedestrian street full of shops on both sides and more shops exist on the side streets. You are supposed to negotiate the prices here.

There are two weekly market days in Kemer, one is a touristic market and the other is where the locals come and get their vegetables and other things they need for the week.


There is also the Women’s Handicraft Market in a big tent where local women sell their handmade crafts. The Handicraft Market is on Ataturk Blvd and right opposite it is a pretty square with statues and fountains.

Sunset in Kemer

Antalya to Kemer, Sunset in Kemer


There is white tower that is a restaurant on three floors. The view from the upper floor is amazing. This is exactly the right place to enjoy the evening sun. The sun sets early in Kemer since it goes down behind the 2000 m high mountains.


Kemer Beach

Pebble Beach of Kemer

The hotel beach is all pebbles, and that makes the water is so clean and clear… The idea of coming to Kemer came from pictures of this protected beach with clear waters somewhere in travel brochures and I started to look for information on the web.

The sea bus was a fast and perfect way to get here, but there is also a good choice of regular buses and dolmuses from Antalya.

We enjoyed our four days vacation in Kemer and the all-inclusive hotel Viking Moral Beach that we chose from the Kemer hotels. For us a whole week of hotel meals would be too much but three or four days are fine.

Kemer to Antalya


But after a holiday it’s time to return back to work. We took the sea bus back to Antalya Harbor, and walked one more time thru the Old Town, up to the Clock Tower where we took a taxi to Antalya airport.


If you got interested you can find more information on Kemer on the official Kemer website visitkemer.org.

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