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Settling in Melbourne for Work and Living

This post will tell you about what settling in Melbourne after a long journey from Europe felt like. We had arrived and it was time to get settled, go to work and start living our daily life down under.

Melbourne is a city made for people and made for living. Easy to understand, easy to navigate, and what’s best, Melbourne is lively and multicultural.  And there is an open-air living room to enjoy in the middle of the town, the Federation Square.


Federation Square, Melbourne

Federation Square has many cafés and pubs, nice places to sit in, a stage and a screen for happenings, and a free wifi.

It also has an excellent tourist office with voluntary staff that are there to help you plan your visit or longer stay in Melbourne and Victoria.


Getting to Melbourne

Approaching the destinationGetting to Melbourne was an effort, requiring two nights sitting on the plane. But if you have traveled long distances you’ll understand the feeling when you finally see this picture on the screen. Finally preparing for landing!

We had bought flights to Sydney and there was a connecting flight to Melbourne after several hours so we just had to wait and wait.

Wifi at Sydney airport


But there was a wifi so we started working with our laptops and connecting again with family and friends.

We also looked after other people’s baggage and held their babies, and had some nice discussions with Australians traveling to different destinations, so it was not a time wasted at all!



Richmond, Victoria

We have an apartment in Richmond, which is a short tram ride from Federation Square. Trams are good and frequent here and you can use Myki smartcards for paying the trips. We also have a train station close by, for getting to the university and more distant places around Melbourne.

Bridge Road, Richmond, in evening light

Richmond is a vibrant area with plenty of ethnic restaurants serving delicious food from different parts of the world. The problem is which restaurant to choose since all seem to be popular.

Bridge Street is also an excellent shopping street, especially for clothes!


As there was no jet lag at all despite the long flights we just started living our normal life down under. That means filling the fridge with products from the local supermarket and trying to find there the kind of low-fat products we prefer, trying to find more adapters for our European plugs, ironing men’s shirts for the coming week and so on.

Ready to go out and see this vibrant city and it’s events and attractions!

 Melbourne on the map


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