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Winter Finland in 25 Photos: Nature Art, Frozen Lakes

Finland is known as the country of a thousand lakes. In fact there are 187.000 of them. All Finnish lakes normally get an ice cover for winter and afterwards snow falls on the ice. This makes winter Finland the perfect place for activities like skiing and skating or kick sledding and kite boarding on the lake.

These photos will show you one of Finland’s 187.000 lakes. I will show you what a typical Finnish lake looks like in the snow season.

Winter in Finland, walking on the lake

Winter in Finland, walking on the frozen lake

And as you know nature is the best of artists. Look at my 25 nature photos and enjoy the Finnish winter! The photos are taken on Lake Näsijärvi close to Tampere, Western Finland.


Winter Finland: The Ice

Winter in Finland, a frozen lake

The cold lake water is now getting its ice cover.


Ice flowers on the Finnish lake shore

The lake shore gets decorated with millions of ice flowers.


Winter in Finland, frozen lake and ice flowers

White ice flowers will spread out and fill the shores.


Ice on the lake shore

Nature creates ice sculptures on the dark rocks.


The lake is freezing

New layers of ice are gathering on the rocky lake shore.


Winter Finland: The Snow

Winter nature in Finland, a frozen meadow flower

Nature gives all meadow flowers their own winter look.


Winter Finland: skiing on the frozen lake

Time for a ski tour on the frozen lake.


No boats on the winter lake

No boats in sight today.


Winter Finland: snow and ice on the lake

Just the snow and ice.


Two skiers on the frozen lake

But you are not alone on the lake, not at all. There are two more skiers, can you see them?


Packed ice on the frozen lake

The wind has pushed pieces of ice against the lake shore.


Packed ice of winter Finland

The whole lake shore is now full of ice sculptures.


Lake Näsijärvi and Tampere shoreline, Finland

Winter sunshine sometimes looks dramatic.


Winter nature in Finland, a frozen flower

All plants do get a winter look.


Ice sometimes looks like glass

Ice sometimes looks like glass.


Ice sculptures in winter Finland

A huge flower made of ice.


Winter lake view of Tampere, Finland

Then, all clouds over the lake slowly turn grey.


Finland Winter Evenings

Lake Näsijärvi winter sunset

In winter time the sun sets very early.


Winter sunset, ice flowers on the lake

The sun gives ice flowers a purple shade.


A Finnish garden in winter

The garden, too, has its own winter look.


Winter in Finland, frozen waterdrops

Melting water drops become huge icicles.


Ice flowers on the pier

Pink ice flowers cover my wooden pier.


Winter in Finland, frozen twigs

Will it soon be spring?


End of the Winter

Winter Finland, melting ice

Then comes the spring and ice turns to shrinking ice floats.


Finland winter, melting ice

The ice gets darker and darker and finally melts away. Goodbye ice, see you next winter!


So this is what a normal Finnish winter is supposed to look like and what we are used to, in all parts of the country.

However as the climate is getting warmer it happens with double the speed in Finland, which means frozen lakes are no more guaranteed. So before even thinking about walking on a lake you should always check the conditions! It’s not always safe to walk on frozen lakes.

For more about winter activities in Finland check out the Official Travel Guide of Finland.

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  1. I loved Your photos. They are gorgeous. We have also winter fun on lakes:

    Walking on frozen lake.

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