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Finland: Lake Näsijärvi Reflections

Whether you like it or not the summer is turning to its end and it’s time to think back to summer trips of this year. I made a couple of trips abroad – and more than a couple of domestic trips. Since for me summer is the time for domestic travel. 

The Finnish lakeland is my number one summer destination and I mainly prefer spending sunny summer days on my favorite reflecting lake, Lake Näsijärvi in Western Finland.  

Virrat boat sheds before storm

On the top of the Näsijärvi waterway: Virrat 

This post shows you how a Finnish lake just like a mirror reflects the beauty of the nature. These Lake Näsijärvi reflections really make my summer boating days something to look forward to.

Lake Näsijärvi is one of Finland’s 187 000 lakes and the 16th in size, its waterway extending all the way to Virrat in the north. A perfect lake for boating!

Lake Näsijärvi on the Map


So this is the southern and central part of Finland and you can see Lake Näsijärvi marked on the map. To get a closer look on the lake zoom in the map and you’ll see the lake more in detail.

Näsijärvi has the city of Tampere at the south end and the communities of Ruovesi, Vilppula and Virrat further north along the waterway. In all the waterway is about 120 km long.

So now we’ll have a look at Lake Näsijärvi reflections, and let me begin with the reflections of Tampere:

Lake Näsijärvi Reflections

Näsinneula, Tampere

In Tampere, I am walking on the pier and dreaming the summer back.


Näsinneula, Tampere

I can see the Näsinneula tower upside down in the dark water.


Mustalahti harbor Tampere

All ferries are parked in the harbor for the winter.


S/S Näsijärvi II

And one of them has the same name as the lake.


Särkänniemi amusement park Tampere

They already closed the amusement park for winter.


Lake Näsijärvi, Finland

Let’s take the boat and set off, and dream back the summertime.


Sparkling lake

What was it like and where did we go?


Kämmenniemi old bridge

This is the Aunessilta stone bridge that brings you to the Paarlahti fjord, 10 km in length.


Finnish inland lake calm waters

The lake is calm and beautiful. This is what summertime is made of!


Lake Näsijärvi reflection

A boat reflecting in the lake surface is a sign of summer.


Finnish inland lake boat route

You drive your boat slowly, it’s easy, you just follow the well-marked boat route.


Lake Näsijärvi reflection

And, at the same time, look at the reflections!


Mustalahti bay view, Virrat

This is Mustalahti bay in the north of the waterway.


Mustalahti bay view, Virrat

Yes, there are beautiful bays for short side trips. Imagine staying in this farmhouse…


Finnish mökki

…or in this cottage, right by the lake!


Tarjanne reflection in water

You can see boat reflections…


Approaching Virrat from the lake

and there are bends and turns…


Two boat sheds at Virrat

Virrat harbor has a row of red wooden boat sheds.


Virrat boat shed reflection

And the reflections of these boat sheds look so beautiful.


Virrat boat shed and bay

You can step ashore and get a view of the sheds from the beach park.


Leaning boat shed, Virrat

Some of them are leaning but they all are still in use.


Virrat boat sheds before storm

Old or new, they all look so good…


Thunder storm approaching from the lake

… even in a thunderstorm.


Syvinginsalmi bridge, Näsijärvi waterway

The northern waterway has some high bridges.


Lake Näsijärvi swan

And swans make their nests in the sea grass.


Steamship s/s Tarjanne

The old S/S Tarjanne is still going strong, after more than 100 years in route traffic.


Storm on a Finnish lake

My little motor boat certainly has more to think about in summer storms than the Tarjanne.


Ruovesi guest harbor

This is Ruovesi boat harbor with good guest piers and dining options – a great place to stop at.


S/S Tarjanne inland lake cruiser

And the Tarjanne calls at Ruovesi too.


Lake Näsijärvi boat pier

This is the jetty where you park your boat while waiting  your turn to the Murole canal.


Entering the Murole canal

Time to enter!


In canal

Hold the ropes when the water is raised


S/S Tarjanne Lake Näsijärvi

If there is route traffic you’ll have to let them go first.


Photographing the lake

Lake Näsijärvi is a dream spot for photographers…


Ruovesi rock paintings, Näsijärvi waterway

… at least where the rock paintings are.


Lake Näsijärvi rocky shore

These rocks don’t have any paintings, this is one of our picnic islands.


Camping on a Lake Näsijärvi island

Island hopping is the best part of  lake trips.


Camp fire by Lake Näsijärvi

For us, camping on small isolate islands is real luxury.


Lake Näsijärvi sunset

You can watch the sunset.


Island camping by boat

After the sunset it’s getting dark(er). Time to prepare for the night and take the mosquito nets.


Lake Näsijärvi after sunset

After the sunset the nature gets a different color.


Lake after sunset, Finland

Maybe the time after sunset is even more beautiful than the sunset.


Lake Näsijärvi after sunset

The midnight lake really reflects everything, in dark colors…


Lake and mist after sunset, Finland

… until the night mist appears.


Blue moment after sunset, Finland

Later at night the air gets all blue.


Blue moment after sunset, Finland

Can you see how blue it all is?


Lake Näsijärvi reflections, after sunset

The blue and white colors of Finland, 100 years in 2017!

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