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Time to Start Dreaming about Travel?

Dreaming about travel? These months nobody has even thought about travel, but one day we will be free again to explore places, close and far.

A time will come when you will spread out your wings and fly away like a bird, to discover your home country and beyond its borders.

On that day, how do you want to travel and what do you want to see? Is it like before or maybe you want else? Are your values still the same or have they changed?

Dreaming about travel: taking the small country roads

Dreaming about travel: setting off to country roads

Many questions, all of them hard to answer.

We, too, miss travel, but surprisingly little, having been almost three months at home now. It’s been good here. Living in the countryside we have been out in forests and on the lake.

There has been a lot of time to think back to where we have been and how we have traveled.

Before this sudden break there was ten years of intensive travel, everything from short weekend breaks to months in remote countries.

Time after time we flew away to distant continents and once circled the world. Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Japan, Bali, Thailand, California, Florida, Morocco. Yet we have most traveled in Europe, our beloved home continent.

What’s Your Dream about Travel?

Dreaming about travel: he Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland

The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland

This post will give you heaps of trip ideas, to help you dream. To help you find out what kind of travel is for you.

Are you a nature lover that feels so good in remote forests, lake areas and national parks? Or is driving around your thing, exploring mountains, villages, taking in the beauty of landscapes? No, maybe you are a city person, or always in the look for museums, culture and architecture?

If you found yourself above, I can help you dream about your future trips. If you didn’t, maybe you are a sun lover? In that case, too, I have loads of dreams for you.  As I do for those who love travel by bus, boat or train.

To get you dream about travel, this post contains my travel articles based on different traveler needs, and I want to begin with my own main interest, nature:

Nature Travel – 92 Travel Stories

Dreaming about travel: nature sights in the forest

Dreaming about travel: finding nature sights in forests

Most of my travel has always been nature connected and it will be even more so in the future.

Wherever I go, I always have to find a piece of nature. A national park, a mountain chain, a lake, river or seaside. I’m always in the look for green areas, forests, trails, wildlife, or maybe snow or corals, whatever it be.


Dreaming about travel: discovering the beauty of nature

A list of all Routes and Trips contents on nature travel:

Then, if you like travel through scenic landscapes, this might be for you:

Scenic Drives – 63 Travel Stories

Dreaming about travel: driving through scenic landscapes

Dreaming about travel: driving through scenic landscapes

My second favorite is hitting the smallest back roads that wind up green hills and lead to the cutest little country villages. Driving in scenic landscapes makes me feel so happy, and independent. We stop where we can best take in the views and hike where we find a trail.

It can be a day trip out from a city where we are staying, or a days long drive, in which case renting a campervan is my absolute favorite.

I’ve put my driving itineraries on the map to make them easy for you to follow.


Dreaming about travel: traveling the world by car and campervan

If your dream is a scenic drive, check out these travel articles:

And then, for you who loves cities:

Dreaming about Travel: Cities – 66 Travel Stories

Dreaming about travel: exploring the biggest cities

Dreaming about travel: exploring the biggest cities

The world is full of fantastic cities, big and small, old and new. At the time of writing I have articles on 66 cities covering all continents and many of them contain ready-to-follow city walk itineraries.

All of my cities are individual, some of them full of history, great architecture and museums. Others are good for just strolling around and meeting people, other for shopping or culture – and many of my cities contain remarkable UNESCO Sites. I really love the cities I’ve been to:


Dreaming about travel: what kind of cities do you like most?

To dream about cities, start here:

More similar articles, most of them connected to cities:

Then, being from Europe, culture and national heritage are close to my heart:

Dreaming about Travel: Culture and Heritage

Dreaming about travel: visiting castles and palaces

Dreaming about travel: visiting castles and palaces

Best about travel is that all countries and regions have their own heritage and you can learn about different traditions. To understand a country you will have to know about its culture and background.

Architecture and building traditions differ from country to country, and so do food and drink habits – if this is what you like, the world is full of treasures waiting for you:


Dreaming about travel: discovering the world’s rich heritage

Explore the world’s culture and heritage:

Then, for the beach lovers:

Beach Destinations – 66 Stories

Dreaming about travel: finding the best paradise beaches

Dreaming about travel: finding the softest paradise beaches

66 of my articles are about beach destinations. As I love sun, sand and beach I just have to get that experience now and then. What is better in the winter than raising your vitamin levels, maybe together with family and friends?

A bonus with beach holidays is that, choosing right, you will also get a city, historic sights or landscapes to drive through. Pool, beach and sights.


Dreaming about travel: beach life in different latitudes

These posts will help you find your style of beach destinations. And I also have some posts on family day trips out from beach destinations:

And then, for you that don’t like driving in foreign countries:

Dreaming about Travel: Travel Without Car

Dreaming about travel: what about a river boat trip?

Dreaming about travel: what about a river boat trip?

Take a luxury river boat trip or cruise to corals, rent a bike, use buses, trains and trams. What would be easier than that if just you know how!

You can absolutely have a fantastic holiday without renting a car. We, too, have done it many times and enjoyed.

Here’s to make you dream:


Dreaming about travel: the many ways of traveling

Routes and Trips stories on travel on other means of transport than car:

Then, one more thing: where should you stay? Routes and Trips also contains hotel reviews, maybe one of these could be your dream accommodation? They all are very different:

Hope I was able to help you dream, and stand out these hard months at least a little better. Plan your trips, and stay safe!

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