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Hi, my name is Liisa, the main author of this Routes and Trips Travel Guide.

The guide is out there to show travel destinations close and far, and to help travelers plan their trips.

Lofoten hikes: conquering Heia, Henningsvaer

Liisa Nygård, travel writer, Routes and Trips topping a fell

As travelers search for information on the travel guide it also provides travel business a way to grow their visibility.

We mainly travel as a team with Clas, my husband. I’m the writer and Clas the photographer:

Clas hiking to the Blue Lake, Tromso

Clas Nygard, the photographer of Routes and Trips testing cold waters

Our Professional Background

Traveling has always been my hobby and passion and I’ve been working all my career within the travel sector, from travel guide studies in Spain to being responsible for one of the biggest travel web sites in Finland.

Read more about my career and experience in my linked in profile.

Then about Clas. Clas has always been a keen photographer, and a keen traveler as well. He has done a great career in teaching and research in the field of occupational health. His work as a university professor has included short and long-term travel to all continents and his international contacts keep him up to date.

About Routes and Trips

As we all know, trips often require a huge amount of planning, and our mission is to make that easier for travelers.

Messukeskus Matka Travel Fair

Travelers looking for information at the annual MATKA Fair of Helsinki, Finland

First you have to find out where to go, then put the place on the map and figure out how to get there and where to stay overnight. You will have to imagine what the place really is like. Is it really worth my time and money, am I going to like it or not?

The idea of Routes and Trips is to show travel destinations, and give ideas for day trips and travel itineraries out from those destinations.

You can take a bus tour or make day trips on your own, just look at our photos and follow our itineraries. All trips are shown on interactive Google maps, just use them and enjoy! 

The Way We Work

Looking for things to do in the Himalayas

Looking for places to go in the Himalayas

To tell you how we work:

  • We first come and visit your destination, after which
  • We return home, start working and then report our destination experience to the world.
  • To show what it really was like there we always use loads of inspiring photos. And to even more help our travelers we mark sights, itineraries and other things of interest on Google Maps.

Both Short and Long Term Visibility

  • So, Routes and Trips Travel Guide contents will appear on our website and stay there for the next years to come to improve your long-term visibility. Of course the information will be updated when needed.
  • Our travel articles will be found in Google search results, for months and years, and consequently be read by thousands and thousands of travelers as they search for travel ideas.
  • We also use social media, every day during the trip and even afterwards. That all gives you a strong short term exposure. But remember, when a permanent travel website lasts for ages, social media posts only live for hours.

The Audience

Our audience is global and covers all continents. Before the covid years, Routes and Trips Travel Guide used to have up to 25 000 readers a month, coming from all age groups but especially the wealthy 50+ (as we, too, belong to that age group). Today the numbers are a lot lower as particularly the older age group hasn’t really started travel yet.

Our audience is interested in things like travel, beach, nature, hikes, flights, car rentals, hotels.

Routes and Trips Media Kit

For more details and the numbers of Routes and Trips check out the Routes and Trips media kit below (PDF):

Routes and Trips Media Kit 2023

Routes and Trips on Social Media

  • Facebook: 1200+ likes
  • Instagram: 600+ followers
  • Twitter: 300+ followers

Existing Cooperation with Travel Business

As far we have been helping these brands, resulting in the blog articles listed:

How Can We Help You?

If you got any ideas or questions, let’s discuss. Drop a line and we’ll see what we can do for you.

To contact us, you can use the form below for private messages (the message will not be published):

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