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Hi, my name is Liisa, I’m from Finland and I started writing my Routes and Trips travel blog in February 2014.

With the blog I want to show great travel destinations both close and far, and I want to help you with your travel planning.


Walking to the northernmost point of Denmark

Liisa Nygård, travel blogger, Routes and Trips



I’ve done all the planning work since I’ve already been there.

And you can just enjoy your trip.


My Background for Blogging

Traveling has always been my hobby and my passion and I want to share my finest travel experiences with you. I hope I can give you inspiration and trip ideas. I hope my blog will help you plan your trips.

I’ve been lucky enough to work within the travel industry for most of my working career, starting from a travel guide program in Spain and proceeding to work with one of the biggest travel web sites in Finland.

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Best destinations close and far

During the last years I have been traveling more than ever and that’s were the idea of travel blogging came. I was first blogging for family and friends about my trip around the world. But you don’t have to travel that far for fantastic travel experiences.

I want to help you find your fantastic places, sometimes you can find them just round the corner, sometimes you have to travel long ways to find them.

Trips require a huge amount of planning

As every traveler knows, each trip you make requires a huge amount of planning. You have to

  • find out where to go,
  • put that place on the map,
  • figure out how to get there and where to stay
  • imagine how the place looks like and what you can do there.


You’ll have to find out

if the destination really is worth a trip.


Routes and Trips helps you plan your trips

I want to answer those questions with my blog. I want to give you ideas and inspiration on travel routes and destinations.

Destinations, day trips and travel routes

I will show you both travel destinations and day trips and longer travel routes from the destinations. You can make day trips on your own, just look at my photos and follow my travel routes. You can use Routes and Trips with a laptop, ipad or smartphone. Each trip is shown on a Google map. 

Come and follow me, let me help you plan your trips and enjoy your travels even more!


Tuscany scenic drive

Which road should I take? Check it on the blog.

About the Blog

This is my personal blog and I am doing this for fun. Occasionally there may be cooperation with companies within the travel sector. Also in those cases I’ll always tell my sincere opinion about the destinations.

If you are interested in any kind of cooperation around travel please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can use the form below for private messages and they will not be published on the blog.


Have a good trip!



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