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Canary Islands by Car: Las Palmas Mountain Trip

This post will show you a car trip around Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. We will make a Las Palmas mountain trip into the pine-covered slopes next to the capital.

The area is dotted with typical Canary towns with gingerbread houses and we will have fantastic views to the rocky shoreline right outside the biggest city of Gran Canaria. 

The drive first takes south from Las Palmas and then into the mountains. After a long drive through pretty towns and villages we will come down to the north cost from where we will follow the rocky shore back to Las Palmas.

Canary Islands by car: Las Palmas mountain trip 

Canary Islands by car: Las Palmas mountain trip 

Driving instructions: from Las Palmas take the road to Tafira Alta and then on to Santa Brigida. If you are a plant lover and even if you are not, go and see the fantastic garden Jardin Botanico Canario, it’s in Tafira Alta.

For more about Jardim Botanico Canario see my other blog post Cave House Trip from Las Palmas.

Las Palmas mountain trip: the road

Road from Las Palmas to the mountains

Right outside of Las Palmas the road starts climbing. Just sit back and enjoy the views and the tiny villages you are driving through. The road along the whole itinerary is very good and surfaced all the way but climbing to the mountains means a lot of curves on the way. That makes driving a bit slow. But we are not in a hurry!

Mountain weather is often a bit cloudy so be prepared to cloudes and occasional rain showers – and a cooler weather than lower down in Las Palmas.

Las Palmas Mountain Trip by Car: the Itinerary


Mountain trip around Las Palmas on the map

I marked our Las Palmas mountain trip itinerary on Google Maps. You can zoom in and out the map as you like and save it in your own maps.

The four towns you will visit on the way are Santa Brigida, Vega de San Mateo, Teror and Firgas. We will start in Santa Brigida.

Santa Brigida

Houses in Santa Bridiga, Gran Canaria

Santa Brigida, Gran Canaria

The postcard-pretty gingerbread town Santa Brigida is almost next door to Las Palmas. It town absolutely needs a stop and a stroll along  the narrow cobbled streets. And maybe a hot chocolate and fresh churros in one of the street cafés.

Almost all houses in Santa Brigida have this kind of fairy-tale look. They are painted in either white or bright colours like red or yellow and have nice grey stones in the walls.


Click on the small photos to see them in a slideshow.

Then, the churros:

Hot chocolate and churros

Canary Islands by car: hot chocolate and churros in Santa Brigida

Vega de San Mateo

Street View of Vega de San Mateo, Gran Canaria

The next fairytale town: Vega de San Mateo

After some more driving comes the next town, Vega de San Mateo. Vega is a lively small town and really high up in the mountains. The clouds almost hang above the town. In fact this is the highest point of the drive and after this the road is going down.

Sunday is a market day on the town’s market place and moreover there is a local food producers’ market in the nearby hall. Delicious bread, goat cheese, honey, almonds, sausages and wine, you can taste and buy all that and much more directly from local producers.

When you feel you’ve seen enough of Vega de San Mateo continue towards Teror.

Even when the distance is not long driving takes its time since the road down is very winding. But look at the views! Look at the flora and those Canarian trees, they are Canary island pines.

Las Palmas Mountain Trip: Teror

Street view of Teror, Gran Canaria

Las Palmas mountain trip: Teror, Gran Canaria

The next town Teror is the island’s religious capital and the home of Nuestra senora del Pino, the patron saint of the island. That’s why this is the place pilgrims from all over Gran Canaria are coming. So have a look at the famous church and the town’s old quarters around it.

And why not sit down and have lunch or coffee in one of the restaurants around the market place?


Driving Down to Firgas

Mountain View near Firgas, Gran Canaria

Mountain slope near Firgas, Las Palmas mountain trip

We can now see the north coast of Gran Canaria and the city of Las Palmas in the distance, allow time for stopping and take in the views.

View of Las Palmas

Las Palmas seen from the mountains

Firgas is famous for its spring of natural water and they produce bottled water from it. The little town celebrates this valuable spring water with fountains, flowing water and long stairs that make a nice passage uphill to the town church.


Firgas, a white town on the hill:

Firgas, Canary Islands

Road trip around Las Palmas: Firgas

Returning to Las Palmas – via Puerto de las Nieves!

Puerto de las Nieves seafood restaurant

In a Puerto de las Nieves seafood restaurant

After Firgas you can choose if you want to see two more pretty towns Arucas and Moya. If not you might want to return to where you started, Las Palmas.

We did a third thing. We suddenly felt very hungry after all driving and decided to take a side trip to Puerto de las Nieves on the west coast that is famous for its seafood restaurants. So we did that and returned to Las Palmas first in the evening.


I hope you enjoyed this Las Palmas mountain trip with us. I really recommend this relaxing Sunday drive to the beautiful mountains around Las Palmas!

To make this trip you need to rent a car for a day. A small car is practical on mountain roads if you don’t need a big one. A small car is easier to drive in curves and easier to park in old Canary Island towns.

Sunset in Puerto de las Nieves

Sunset in Puerto de las Nieves, Gran Canaria

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  1. I cannot tell you how I appreciated this post. My spouse and I will be going to Gran Canaria sometime in April. Much planning is going into our adventure.
    The time you spent putting this itinerary together will serve us well. This was better than many guide books that I picked up lately.
    Your dedication has not gone unnoticed ;o)

    All the very best travels ahead.

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