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Gran Canaria Mountain Tour from Maspalomas

This post will show you a Gran Canaria mountain tour by car. We took the winding road up from the south and came to the Canarian mountains. What was it like? Majestic scenery, pretty villages and green pine forests. And Canarian palms. 

Everything was very different from what you see on the tourist coast. Recommend! Rent a car and go and see the Canarian inland. See how locals live and what Canarian nature looks like at higher altitudes.

Gran Canaria mountain tour

Gran Canaria mountain tour

Gran Canaria mountain roads are very good but they are so winding. So you need to reserve time for your trip. After you have left Maspalomas the road starts to climb and soon you can enjoy views back to Maspalomas sand dunes and the ocean.


Map of Gran Canaria Mountain Tour


Gran Canaria mountain drive on the map

I marked my Gran Canaria mountain tour on the map. This is a half day tour only and an easy drive.

If you want to drive and see a bit more you can extend this trip to Roque Nublo and Tejeda.  But that will mean a lot more driving on Gran Canaria mountain roads and you will absolutely need a whole day for that.

Another susggestion is to take the longer way back through Temisas and Aguimes. 

Guanche Settlement

Guanche settlement, Gran Canaria mountain tour

Gran Canaria mountain tour: Guanche settlement

After you have climbed higher up you will see a guanche exhibition on the roadside. That could be your first stop. It’s a former guanche village and a sight all families should stop at. It’s an interesting museum for both kids and adults.

The guanches were the people that lived in the Canaries before the Spanish came. The guanches lived in the Canaries for centuries and they lived in a stone age culture. They carved their houses in caves or built simple stone houses to live in.



Fataga, Gran Canaria mountain tour

Fataga, Gran Canaria mountain tour

From the guanche village continue driving north and you will come to Fátaga. It’s a small village but has a lot of spirit. There are just a couple of streets but they all look so pretty. Also you can find some nice cafés in the village. So we sat down and took a cappuccino with cake in an outdoor cafe. Delicioso!


The next village is San Bartolome de Tirajana.

San Bartolomé de Tirajana

Gran Canaria mountain tour San Bartolomé de Tirajana

Canarian mountain village San Bartolomé de Tirajana

San Bartolomé de Tirajana lies high already very up in the mountains, it’s almost in the clouds.

And in this village streets are too narrow and too steep! They are all too narrow for any bigger rental car and even for small cars too scary to drive along. Our photographer was not happy. She was screaming all the time and hardly got any photos of San Bartolomé.

It would have been a better idea to park our car and simply stroll around. But we had to think about the weather. It was very chilly at these heights and the clouds were be hanging on the mountains. It was too cold to walk or you would need more clothes.

Clouds hanging on the town

Clouds hanging on the Gran Canarian mountains

The next village has a nice name and a Lucia statue.

Santa Lucía de Tirajana

Santa Lucia de Tirajana, Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria mountain tour: Santa Lucía de Tirajana

Santa Lucía de Tirajana is a village that delights Scandinavians like us – they have a statue of Santa Lucia!

Otherwise there was not much to see in this little village. So we continued driving on and stopped to look at big Canarian pines on the roadside.

Church at Santa Lucia

Church of Santa Lucia, Gran Canaria

Back to the Coast

After Santa Lucia we headed east until we reached the coast again. That was at Vecindario. Now you can just take the main coastal road back south and to Maspalomas. Or north  to Las Palmas if you started your mountain trip from there.

Gran Canaria mountain tour

Gran Canria mountains

The rugged mountain scenery in this part of Gran Canaria can look very dramatic, at least it does it in evening light.


So this was our Gran Canaria mountain tour by car. Maybe you are planning your trip to Gran Canaria?  In that case remember to check out my other Gran Canaria posts.

A view of the mountain tour from Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

Dramatic scenery on the Gran Canarian mountains

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