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Taghazout, a Blue Village in Morocco

Morocco is best known for its pink and honey Sahara shades, but the North African country also has its blue side. In some regions the tradition is to paint houses blue, and the Atlantic coast that has blue fishing villages. One of them is Taghazout north of Agadir.

This post will show you Taghazout, a Moroccan secret discovered by the hippies after which came the surfers. 

Taghazout, a blue village in Morocco

The blue village of Taghazout, Morocco

Now it’s our turn to rediscover this seaside village that has drawn so many different kinds of people. They all affected the village that became like no other. They made Taghazout is a top place to visit from Agadir.

Taghazout is located only 20 km north of Agadir which makes it easy to reach with local buses. So to go and explore the village you don’t need any expensive bus tours.

A Blue Moroccan Fishing Village

Taghazout is one of the three blue fishing villages I’ve been to in Morocco. The other two are Essaouira 100 km north and Asilah south of Tangier.

The village clings to steep cliffs, opening to the sea like an amfitheater. The theater scene below is a crescent like beach –  full of blue fishing boats.

The village beach is both for fishing and bathing and the famous Taghazout surfing beach is a bit south. That one is 7 km long and gets huge ocean waves. Taghazout village bay instead is a sheltered cove which makes it a natural fishing port.

Blue fishing boats of Morocco

Blue fishing boats of Morocco

Every morning Taghazout fishermen get up early and pull out their wooden boats. In the afternoon the boats are back on the pebbles, laid in neat rows, and the fishermen keep processing what the sea gave them.

This all looks like a small scale activity but is a part of Morocco’s fishing industry that contributes a lot to the country’s national income.

Blue fishing boats of Morocco

Blue fishing boats of the Moroccan Atlantic coastline

So that was a brief introduction, but now, how do you get to Taghazout?

How to Get from Agadir to Taghazout

You can choose between a taxi and a local bus.

As Morocco’s local buses are a travel experience in themselves I would recommend trying one. There are two buses that go this direction, the ALSA buses 32 and 33.

Moroccan women waiting for the bus

Moroccan women waiting for the bus

So to get to Taghazout you will have know where in Agadir the buses 32 and 33 leave.

They drive along Avenue Mohammed V which is the main thoroughfare of the city and only two blocks up from the beach. Bus stops exist all the way along Mohamed V, you just have to look for stops that have the right numbers 32 and 33. We used the Theatre de Verdure stop that was the closest walk from our hotel.

Bus from Agadir to Taghazout

Bus from Agadir to Taghazout

The Agadir to Taghazout Itinerary on the Map


Bus route Agadir to Taghazout on the map

There are buses running each 30 min or so and the journey takes about half an hour to an hour, depending on the traffic. You pay the driver in coins and get some coins back. The low fair is delighting, as is the whole bumpy, noisy bus journey.

Bus ride Agadir to Taghazout

Bus ride Agadir to Taghazout

The bus first goes to Aourir where the Paradise Valley road turns off and then follows the 7 km Taghazout surfing beach to Taghazout Village bus stop where you will have to jump off.

It’s this square with a lot of activity and a blue mosque:

A Moroccan blue and white mosque

Moroccan items for sale on Taghazout market

Taghazout Village bus stop and main square

So now we have arrived in the blue Moroccan village we wanted to see.

Diving into the Labyrinth

The blue and white Moroccan fishing village of Taghazout

The blue and white fishing village of Taghazout

Now we will wander through the old village and end up to the beach.

Dive into the labyrinth, no chance of getting lost, it’s just a few blocs. Yet they are amazing blocks, being so blue! And very different from what Agadir streets are like. This is what the original, old Morocco was like, that the earthquakes didn’t tear down.

There are different stories about what the blue color comes from. It may be religious or to bring peace of mind, or maybe the blue is there to scare insects?

Anyway, in Taghazout the houses, doors, windows, gates and even dust bins and flower pots can be painted in blue. From these colors, fish smell and seagull screeching you can tell this is a seaside village.

Blue and white are dominant but not the only colors, in Morocco they just have to add some pink.

Moroccan pink and blue shades

Blue, pink and white shades of Taghazout, Morocco

A Taghazout side street

A blue door, Morocco

Blue and white colors of Taghazout, Morocco

The blue and white fishing village, with a touch of Moroccan pink

Taghazout: the Hippie Village

Taghazout, the Moroccan hippie village

The blue and white fishing village of Taghazout

So the hippies came in the 1970’s, and stayed as they just loved this place. They transformed the village and made it look more like themselves. And they shared the beach with the local community.

The hippies renamed places around Taghazout, the next valley they gave the name Paradise Valley, for the paradise like streams that were Jimi Hendrix’ favorites. And a small cove nearby got the name Banana Beach which is also a good name as bananas grow in the area.

Taghazout, the Moroccan hippie village:

Taghazout, the surfing village of Morocco

Taghazout surfing

Taghazout apartment stairs

Taghazout, the beach destination

Taghazout, the hippie village

Art in the Moroccan hippie village 

The hippie artwork leads our way to the beach.

Beach Living in Hostels and Cafes

Taghazout sea view apartment


As all Taghazout hostels are individual you won’t find any standard accommodation here.

Yet many of these small hostel rooms have stunning sea views and there’s more room outside in the eateries and cafes. By the way, unlike Agadir, Taghazout is an alcohol-free zone so be prepared for no beer and wine with food.

A Taghazout oceanside restaurant

A Taghazout hostel

Taghazout, the hostel village

Taghazout Atlantic ocean side

Ocean shore of the Moroccan hippie village

Taghazout, the Fishing Village

Taghazout village beach, Morocco

Walking between Moroccan blue fishing boats

I already told about fishing and the blue fishing boats that I really think are beautiful. Even when old they are so well-kept. ButI really don’t like the beach, Agadir’s is a lot better.

Moroccan fishermen waiting for fish buyers

Blue Moroccan fishing boats in a row

Blue Moroccan fishing boats in a row

A Moroccan fishing boat

Moroccan fishing boat in blue and yellow

More photos of Moroccan fishing boats

All children today are exactly the same and share the same interests, those who grow up in busy cities and the boys who are going to sail the seas on blue boats, maybe.

Moroccan boys with their mobile phones

Moroccan boys playing games

Moroccan boys busy with their phones

Camels on the beach

Camel riding for tourists

Taghazout Sunset

A Taghazout cafe


If you can choose, make an evening trip to Taghazout. Here the last sun rays paint the village in golden colors, and even hide away the Moroccan blue color we came for.

Take your table and a cup of mint tea, sit down, relax – and enjoy!

Taghazout golden colors at sunset

Looking at the Moroccan sunset

Taghazout, the surfing village of Morocco

Taghazout locals on the beach

Taghazout, fishing village north of Agadir

Taghazout, people on the beach at sunset

Taghazout sunset and fishing boats

Taghazout sunset

Enjoying the Taghazout sunset!

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