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Sydney Day Trip to Watsons Bay

Watsons Bay is a pretty harbour village just a short distance from central Sydney. It’s said to be Australia’s oldest fishing village and the village offers excellent seafood. Watsons Bay also has pretty beaches and a nice park for a Sunday picnic.

It’s easy to get to Watsons Bay with a Sydney ferry from the Circular Quay ferry wharf, so no wonder the fishing village is a popular day trip destination from Sydney.

Sydney from Watsons Bay

Easter picnic at Watsons BayWe making half-day trips on the Eastern Suburbs ferry  to Watsons Bay where we walk on well-marked paths, swim on our favourite sandy beach and enjoy what the village centre has to offer.

Once again we made a day trip to Watsons Bay on Easter Sunday and had a small Easter picnic in the park with so many Australians that had decided to spend their Easter Sunday here.

The ferry ride from Circular Key to Watsons Bay takes about half an hour but on Easter Sunday it was so crowded that people had to stand in a queue for the next ferry.


Watsons Bay on the Map


Watsons Bay Village Centre

Watsons Bay fish restaurant , Sydney

Watson Bay’s village centre is almost on the ferry wharf.  Watsons Bay has Sydney’s best known fish restaurant right opposite the beach, and a popular beer garden with views of Watsons Bay harbour, the city skyline and the harbour bridge.

There are also some more restaurants and cafés around the pretty park.

If you go to Watsons Bay, remember to check when the ferries return. It  has happened us at least twice that the last ferry back to the city left already at five. You can also get back by bus, but it takes a much longer time.

Camp Cove Beach

Watsons Bay, Camp Cove beach

My favourite beach in Sydney is in Watsons Bay. This is the place where I always want to return for a swim. The Camp Cove beach is a few minutes walk north from the Watsons Bay ferry wharf.

Camp Cove is a sheltered sandy beach with crystal clear waters.

There are pretty houses you can look at while walking to the beach. From Camps Cove you can walk onwards and the shore gets rocky and there is a lighthouse with good views to Manly and to the ocean.


Watsons Bay Cliff Walk

The Gap, Watsons Bay, Sydney

Back in the village,  you’ll get an ocean scenery if you walk uphill through the park. Climbing the stairs you’ll come to the rocky ocean side, the Gap, with spectacular cliffs and great views both to the ocean, to the village and the bay, and all the way to Sydney.

The rocky scenery is just stunning, and you can walk in both directions along the cliffs. But the Gap is also a remarkable place with lots of history, there has been a dramatic ship wreck and also other dramatic things have happened here.

This is the view from the Gap towards Sydney.

A view from Watsons Bay

More Watsons Bay Walks

Walking at Watsons Bay, SydneyYou can combine your visit to Watsons Bay with some more walking.

From Watsons Bay and The Gap, there is a walking track following the cliffs almost half-way to Bondi.

You can walk southwards to the lighthouse or still longer if you like, and then hop on a city bus on South Head Road to get back to Sydney.  Or you can take another bus to Bondi Beach which is not far from here. The buses starting from Watsons Bay go to Sydney but one of them drives via Bondi.

And there is still another walk towards Shark Bay, Nielsens Park and on to Rose Bay, where you can take the ferry back to Sydney. That walk is about 8 km long, so you’ll need time and a water bottle.


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