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Dining in Gdansk Old Town

Restaurant Pod Lososiem, Gdansk

Before my trip to Gdansk I only had a vague idea of Polish food in my mind: potatoes, sauerkraut and pork. But after spending some time and dining in Gdansk this idea had changed. Gdansk is on the coast so fish is being served, and even the meat dishes I found were not as heavy as I had thought. I wanted ...

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Slowinski National Park Sand Dunes

Slowinski National Park, Poland

Slowinski National Park on the Baltic Coast of Poland is famous for its shifting sand dunes that move 10 meters a year, pushed by the wind. Some of the dunes get very high. This post tells about a day trip by car we made to the shifting Slowinski sand dunes. Alternatively you can take the train to the closest resort Leba and rent a ...

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Bike Trip from Gdansk to Sopot

Sopot Pier

We were visiting Gdansk that is an inland city and we wanted to see the Baltic coast. We rented bikes and made a bike trip from Gdansk to Sopot. Sopot is a spa town famous for its thermal baths, sandy beach and music festivals. There was a good bike lane all the way to Bzezno which is the first town on the ...

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A Walking Tour of Historic Gdansk

Historic Gdansk from Motlawa river

This blog post tells you about the historic Gdansk by the Baltic Sea. We stayed there for a weekend and were surprised how great history this more than thousand years-old town has. And that there were so many things to see!  We walked up and down the old streets of Gdansk. We also made trips out from the city, but in this blog post I’m telling you about the ...

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A Sunny Weekend in Krakow Old Town

Horses and a carriage, Krakow Old Town

Going to Krakow Old Town is like stepping back in time. A trumpeter plays from the top of a church tower every hour, in all directions to make sure everybody can hear him. The Main Square is the largest Medieval Square in Europe and the Jagellonian University one of the oldest universities in the world.  This blog post is about a sunny summer weekend we spent ...

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