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Washington DC

The Best of the National Mall

Lincoln Memorial, National Mall

In this blog post I show you Washington DC and the National Mall where most of the famous Washington sights are. National Mall is a long green area between Capitol Hill and the Lincoln Memorial. The Mall has a huge amount of world-class museums, memorials of American history and important government buildings. There is the Washington Monument in the middle and the Lincoln Memorial ...

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Day Trip to Old Town Alexandria

House in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, US

This is a day trip suggestion from Washington DC. Old Town Alexandria is an 18th century historic town that once was an important port and commercial center. There are many historic buildings left and Alexandria nowadays has a small-town atmospeere with many boutiques, restaurants and historic sights. You take Washington DC subway blue or yellow line south. Some stations after the Reagan Airport ...

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City Walk: A Day on Capitol Hill

The U.S. Capitol

This walking trip brings you to United States Capitol Hill in Washington DC. You’ll see the different halls of the US Capitol, The Library of Congress and US Botanic Gardens. To visit all these sights on your trip to Washington DC needs a full day. You should prepare your visit in advance and make reservations to the Capitol, at least if you’re visiting in the summer. ...

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