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Sightseeing in Key West

A house in Key West

Key West is the southernmost city in the continental US and it’s a place where you’d like to stay much longer than you planned. The ginger-bread houses are so pretty and the tropical lifestyle is so relaxed. Key West is in the Caribbean islands. I have visited Key West twice on my trips to US, and I guess that on my next trip to Miami I’ll again have to take ...

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Florida Keys: Driving to Key West

Pigeon Key, Florida Keys

This blog post brings you to the Florida Keys. You follow our trip along this long row of islands leading from Miami to Key West.  We made the trip at an easy pace and spent a few days on the road. You can drive to Key West in four to five hours if you only stop once or twice. But we made the trip longer  than a ...

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Walking Trails in the Everglades

Anhinga bird, the Everglades

This day trip from Miami brings you to walking trails in the Everglades. You walk the Anhinga Trail which is one of the most popular trails in Everglades National Park. Next to Anhinga Trail is the short Gumbo Limbo trail. You continue driving all the way to the southern edge of the Everglades, to a place called Flamingo, where you can spot crocodiles and manatees. On ...

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Everglades National Park: Day Trip to Shark Valley

Alligator in Shark Valley

This day trip to Shark Valley shows you the best of the Everglades. Drive west from Miami and rent bikes at Shark Valley Visitors Center. The bike trip gets you close to Everglades National Park animals: alligators, birds, snakes and turtles. Alternatively you can see the animals on a tram tour. After the bike trip you can visit the nearby Miccosukee Restaurant for ...

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Ocean Drive Art Deco After Dark

This is a photo gallery of Ocean Drive Art Deco buildings after dark. Ocean Drive Art Deco looks so beautiful by day, but look at it at night! Park your car and stroll along the beach side of Ocean Drive and enjoy the magnific Art Deco after dark! The South Beach Art Deco Historic District is the number one sight of Miami and it’s ...

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Sightseeing in Miami: A Driving Route

We spent a day sightseeing in Miami by car. The area is big and there is a lot to see outside the center. I made a driving route map to the best places in Miami. Along the route you can find places you didn’t know exist. We started in Miami downtown, at Bayside Marketplace that is a good place to park and walk ...

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Miami Beach Bike Route: South Beach and Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive, Miami Beach

Miami Beach is an ideal destination for a bike trip. You can bike along Ocean Drive, the beach promenade and any quiet streets, enjoy the tropical scenes and stop where you like. To help you explore the best of the world-famous South Beach I made a Miami Beach bike route and marked it on a Google map.  It’s easy to get ...

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